Appearance problems and treatment of pressed aluminum sheet oil

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2023-03-29 14:41

The pressed aluminum plate is gradually favored by designers because of its light weight, high strength, rich color and convenient installation. It is widely used in various steel structures, but in the production process of pressed aluminum strip, oil stains and scratches will occur. Questions, etc., to introduce you to the knowledge of oil pollution problems:

Oil stain refers to the excessive oil on the surface of the aluminum tip after rolling, and the excess oil is removed except for the rolling oil film. The surface visible to the naked eye during the slitting production and finished product inspection is mainly carried by the roller. At the neck or at the exit of the mill or below, the smashing, splashing, dripping on the surface of the box and the abnormality of the rolling mill's clearing roller, and the dripping of the mill's thickness gauge are often complicated by dirty components.

Oil pollution hazard: the surface is not clean, it is easy to form a bubble in the subsequent annealing, and the excessive amount of oil is formed at this place to affect the use.

Solution: Strictly check the production equipment before production. If it is found that the oil in the equipment is too much, it should be cleaned and found in time. At the same time, the surface of the production product should be cleaned. If the product cannot be cleaned, the oily product will be discarded. It is forbidden to enter the warehouse and enter the market.

Appearance problems: Scratches, abrasions, and bruises are intermittent or continuous on the surface of the aluminum plate. A single groove-like flaw is generally generated when the sharp object is in sliding contact with the surface of the foil.

The main reasons are: the roll, the surface of the guide roller has pointed defects, or stuck with hard objects; the mechanical guide roller for cutting, winding, and slitting, the guide path has sharp defects or dry debris. An edge-to-face, or surface-to-surface contact that causes a relative slip or misalignment to cause a bundle of scars on the surface of the box.

The oil stain on the surface of the board seriously affects the appearance quality of the product. By optimizing the quality of the cast strip, controlling the quality of the cold rolled rolling oil and the roughness of the work roll, strengthening the cold-rolled sheet surface degreasing and the cross-cut straightening machine, the oil on the surface is obtained. Effective control.

The above is the reason for the oil pollution and appearance problems of the pressed aluminum plate, and I hope that it will help everyone.

Basic maintenance steps of Shandong color-coated aluminum plate

Basic maintenance steps of Shandong color-coated aluminum plate

29 Mar,2023

Shandong color coated aluminum plate is a synthetic material using metal aluminum plate and organic matter. It has the coloring and corrosion resistance of organic polymers, as well as the advantages of light texture, convenient processing, high strength and hardness. So how to carry out maintenance during use?   First, workers must first rinse the surface of the board with a large amount of water to clean the soil or dust on the surface.   Buy a cleaning agent that meets the standard specifications on the market, dilute it with a little water, then combine it with a soft and clean cloth, and gently wipe the sample to remove stubborn stains on the Shandong color-coated aluminum plate.   After cleaning again, we can use a lot of water to clean the board surface to help the board wash away the stolen goods.   Four, after the above procedures, workers can carefully check the plate of Shandong color coated aluminum plate, to see if there is no place to clean. For the unwashed parts, can be combined with diluted detergent centralized treatment.   After centralized cleaning of special parts, the layout can be washed with a large amount of water until all the detergents on the board are peeled off, and the basic cleaning and maintenance process of the color aluminum plate is completed.   Shandong color coated aluminum plate combines the dual advantages of organic polymer and aluminum plate. Its performance is very outstanding. It is used in many fields, and meets the use standards of many enterprises in terms of anti-skid, beautiful and practical. In order to better ensure life and quality, more attention should be paid to its maintenance and cleaning work. Usually when the plate temperature reaches 40, the moisture will be excessively volatilized, resulting in damage to the surface part, which must be properly treated in time.   Zhongyang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers of roll-coated aluminum coils in China. It is located in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location. The factory covers an area of about 120 acres and introduces a fully automatic precision high-speed roll coating production line with an annual output of 60,000 tons. The standing stock in the factory is nearly 2,000 tons, with 0.15-1.2 mm thick color-coated aluminum magnesium-manganese coils, embossed aluminum coils, printed aluminum coils and other aluminum coils. Customers in need are welcome to consult.